Le Piantagioni del caffè

The passionate research of (high quality) green coffees has always characterized the work of “Le Piantagioni del Caffè” and its desire to valorise the denomination of origin, retracing the road first paved by the world of wine.
Beyond the location, the estate – with the indelible signature of the land, of the botanical variety, of the selective harvesting, pulping, drying process – beyond the concept emerges the culture.

Right through the roastery, to the final extraction, into the cup, to propose a range of premium coffees with a defined character, to be selected according to individual preferences and to the time of day.

The traceability back to the carefully selected estate, where the harvest and the processing are controlled, is the guaranty of the quality of the coffee. The individuality, its particularities and the consistency of the final product are proposed purely as single estate coffee, or as combination blend (the perfect fusion of 2 single estate coffees), or finally as a blend of more estate coffees.


“You can’t improvise a good cup of coffee!”. This said  Vincenzo Donatiello who in 1922, with his wife Anna, opened in 1922 a Food&Coffee store in the suggestive and Historical Triggio district in Benevento.

At that time, people used to buy food in the open-air markets and there were very few coffee shops. That’s why the couple decided to call their Shop “La Bottega Nuova (the new store). The true innovation was the presence on the wood shelves,  green coffee beans and few, rare and precious coffee blends made with the utmost care by Vincenzo. His son Giuseppe decided to work in this field: he later decided to specialize in roasting and producing coffee and in 1960 founded the Incas Caffè, marking out a course in the Great Italian tradition of specialty coffee.

Since its early stages, Vincenzo was clear about  what were to be the foundations on which to lay the structure of the company: to produce a high-quality coffee expressing the best tradition of “Made in Italy”


Caffè Carbonelli was founded in Naples in 1981 by Pietro Carbonelli, whose heritage of passion for coffee, care for the product quality and attention to the fluctuations of an always-changing market is managed today by his sons Luigi and Luca. Originated from a big passion for coffee. Back in 1946, Pietro Carbonelli was ten years old when he started to learn the secrets of a good coffee.

These were the years after World War II and, between schoolbooks and a kick to the ball, Pietro started to earn some extra money by doing little jobs at his uncle’s grocery store. At that time, food shops and bars directly ordered small quantities of green coffee that was cooked on old home coffee roasters and each shop or bar personalized its blend, to be tasted there or to be sold on the market.

At the end of the Sixties, Pietro started to work with the most renowned and ancient Neapolitan coffee roasting companies, while also learning the strengths and weaknesses of each green coffee plantation. In 1981, he inaugurated Caffè Carbonelli, his own company, based in Melito di Napoli, where, thanks to his passion and to the coffee culture he had learned over the years, he began to produce a coffee exclusively roasted with oak, since he had always believed that this ancient traditional method gives the product a unique flavor. 


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