The excellence of wellness: the pleasure of coffee

Often, the reason of wellness lies in the mechanism of what we get as a result of our efforts. It is usual to carry out actions based on the result that will follow. Either we talk about physical or psychological  wellness, it is basically the same: we are naturally inclined to repeat actions and gestures that make us feel good because we are sure about the results that will, immediately, satisfy our body and mind needs which, as a consequence of these actions, and above all of the results, will feel good.

All passions, when they become viral, start to involve all social and cultural layers. They become trendy and they spread out all over the society. The consumption of coffee is following precisely this trend and it is becoming popular in a very quickly cheerful way, in contrast with the decrease of food consumption in general; Italian coffee is getting popular in unthinkable markets such as China and India which have never had any culture in coffee before and the expresso coffee, so typically Italian, is getting very popular in the United States, a country where the consumption of coffee is usually associated with the so-called “long coffee”.

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A good cup of coffee meets many requirements for our wellness: it is stimulating, it improves our physical and mental performances and it is a gratification for all our senses thanks to its unique smell. Moreover it is our little excuse for a little pause from work or the reason to stop while travelling by car for a long journey. So coffee, either drunk in a small cup or in the American style, is becoming the right way to get a moment of pleasure. To the physical and psychological factors, we were talking about above, we should also add the social and emotional ones. In fact the proliferation of locals completely dedicated to coffee are gradually  becoming places dedicated not only to drink coffee , but are resembling more and more the old literary cafes, places where people used to meet each other  for a chat , a little working meeting or just  for pleasure.

Places where the mechanism of emotional anticipation is strictly connected to the taste and the smell of coffee that bring people to return maybe in that particular coffee shop where they met their partners, friends or colleagues, places where, while sipping a good cup of coffee, people can let themselves go to their own thoughts while listening, for example, to the sensual soul music by Geater Davis who, looking at his coffee thinks : it’s blue…but it should be brown, blue like his lover’s eyes ( “a Sad Shade of Blue”).

However the pleasure of coffee is not only a sensorial experience but it is also strictly connected to the flashback and the flashforward which a cup of coffee can generate. The flashback of the smell in the house of our youth where the coffee was carefully prepared by our mothers, grandmothers or wives, the flashback of a particular taste tried in a summer place and the flashforward given for example, thinking about a future gallant appointment while we are drinking slowly our coffee. From any point of view what remains after a coffee is a pure feeling of wellness, the true essence of “the pleasure of coffee”.

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